3M 1860 Masks up to 2T 99 cents all-in

Breaking up – up to 2T lots
MOQ : 1B, prefer > 5B
Pricing : Depends on Quantity, please call.

NCNDA out to buyer, buyer atty, buyer mandate
LOI LOA PO – address to 3M Private Seller
– Pricing to state UP TO $__ price.
– Quantity to state UP TO __ OR __ plus rolls and extensions OR UP TO ___ quantity plus rolls and extensions.
A2A – in 48 hours, after buyer initial review, in a2a funds verified then SGS given
IMFPA signed
Inspect OTG product / SPA / Escrow etc.
Product in LA

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first. To buy this immediately call 770-807-9948. This should be considered sold unless you are told it is not sold.

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