3M Global Trading Platform Opening Soon

3M Global is launching a new trading commodity platform for the SGS paper on their products. On the platform buyers can purchase SGS certified 3M products and hold the title. Owners of the SGS at any time can chose to sell the SGS on the platform or request for the product to be delivered. Even if the SGS is for production, those future lots are SGS certified allowing the buyer to hold and sell title to the lots.

Right now there are five lots available as they launch the trading platform this week.

  • 1T of 1860 Masks at 86 cents plus 10% with 20% OTG
  • 1T of 1860 Masks at 98 cents plus 10% with 100% OTG
  • 2T of 1860 Masks at 88 cents plus 10% with 30% OTG.
  • 27T of Cardinal
  • 10T of Cranberry
    (Cranberry and 3M partnered in production of Cranberry gloves which is why 3M’s platform will include Cranberry Evolve 300)


This channel is working in coordination with Green Lane Distributors to offer you these lots. Green Lane Distributors are above Top Tier distributors. 3M will be opening the platform to the public next year.

All 5 lots are available as of January 1st at 7:30 PM EST.

Obviously, this is a ground floor opportunity and a unique moment to get into something 3M Global is launching. Commissions can also be turned back into the trading platform to increase your investment position.

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