3M 1860 OTG stock in HK Price: USD 2.05 including 10% commission MOQ 1B Can go to 10B

3M 1860 OTG stock in HK
*Price: USD 2.05 including 10% commission
*MOQ:1B. Can go to 10B.
) NCNDA, All parties involved must sign (DOCUSIGN)
2) Submit LOI + LOA +ICPO, Attestation of Cage to *3M International / 3M Private Seller. Only date LOI
3) Verification buyer’s documents (24 up to 48 hours) (Due Diligence)
4) 3M International will do A2A (POF or BCL, Directly to the attorney)
6) SPA (Sign and stamp buy both buyer and seller, each page needs to be stamped and signed on each page. Passport and business license attached.)
7) A2A (Verify the SPA, set up Escrow)
8) Seller issue PI
9) Buyer 100% Fund Seller Escrow.
10) Seller Provide 3M Lot number and SGS report for seller stock.
11) Seller arranges SGS inspection for buyer stock at 3M bonded warehouses, buyer pays SGS cost.
12) Buyer Pickup
Sales Facilitator is DY, in Asia time zone.

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first.  Hot Deals are sold quickly and should be considered unavailable until you are told otherwise.

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