3M 1860 Respirators $2.60 plus 10% commission (1M-15M)

We are in direct communication with a 3M MASTER DISTRIBUTOR, one of the largest in the world. Our connection is a co-mandate of the distributor.

Commission available is 47% from the total 10% commission for YOUR GROUP. (Buyer side) ✅
IF the buyer follows the SOP and present MT199 or MT799 as POF the transaction is guaranteed to close. ✅

Real OTG-ready for inspection USA 3M 1860 masks

$2.60+10% 1M-15M
$2.40+10% 16M-30M
$2.30+10% 31M-50M
$2.15+10% 51M-99M
$2.00+10% 100M-499M
$1.90+10% 500M-999M
$1.70+10% 1B-5B
$1.65+10% 6B-10B
$1.55+10% 11B-20B
$1.45+10% 21B-29B
$1.30+10% 30B-99B
$1.18+10% 100B-500B
ONLY accept MT199 or MT799

LOI LOA ICPO (Name of the seller upon request)
POF is sent to the seller/seller attorney and Verification of funds is executed (ONLY MT199/MT799)
A2A call with SGS + Lot numbers +SPA+ Escrow agreement.
Buyer funds escrow
Title is transferred to Buyer and funds are released simultaneously

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first.  Hot Deals are sold quickly and should be considered unavailable until you are told otherwise.

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    - Brand - 1860 / Cardinal / Cranberry
    - Quantity
    - Target Price
    - Location that buyer wants to be delivered
    - % of ready stock for each brand they are requesting
    - Payment instrument (Cage, BCL, MT199, MT799, Escrow)
    - Commission Structure that Buyer is requesting
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