4B $1.65 +10% DIRECT from the Titleholder

1860 Masks

Great offer from Private Seller (Titleholder)

We need RWA Buyer latest by Friday

Lot size : 4 Billion

Product : 1860 3M Masks

Location : OTG in United States

Price : $1.65 +10%

Commission : 50% available for buyer side

1) NCNDA covering buyer, buyer mandate, buyer attorney, buyer intermediaries up to seller mandate.
2) LOI, LOA, ICPO, BCL (specific templates will be shared with buyer after NCNDA)
3) Soft call maybe arranged (after submission of documents and completion of basic vetting process) between buyer/ buyer mandate / buyer attorney with seller mandate.
3) BCL (if funds are in USA) else MT199, Verification may take up to 72 hrs.
4) SPA + IMFPA + POL (batch numbers lot and SGS), & Escrow Agreement
5) Funding Escrow
6) Release of Fund
7) Release of Goods

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first.  Hot Deals are sold quickly and should be considered unavailable until you are told otherwise.

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