Masks 1860 1K-999K $2.55 — 1M-10M $2.45 — 11M-50M $2.15

1860 Masks

Help your local hospital or VA make a small purchase to get them qualified and connected for all their PPE purchasing through this supplier.

3M 1860 Masks, Cranberry & Cardinal Nitrile Gloves

Masks (3M 1860)

  • 1K-999K – $2.55 plus 10%
  • 1M-10M – $2.45 plus 10%
  • 11M-50M – $2.15 plus 10%
  • 51M-100M – $2.00 plus 10%
  • 101M-250M – $1.90 plus 10%
  • 251M – 500M – $1.75 plus 10%

Small Lot SOP 15K to 1B

  • Step 1 Buyer submits LOI, LOA, ICPO
  • Step 2 A2A Communications
  • Step 3 Buyer issues POF
    • – screenshot of funds in the account that will be used for the purchase of goods to the seller
    • KYC package (color copy of passport must be inserted)
    • – Term acceptance letter
    • – Procurement letter (masks only)
    • – Pick up schedule
  • Step 4 Buyer will send MT799 for 10% of the total order amount and funds escrow
  • Step 5 Seller schedules inspection for buyer
  • Step 6 Seller issues SPA
  • Step 7 Buyer either picks up product in a warehouse or the product is delivered per the agreement of the SPA

Question: Can we get an LOA for the buyer? Answer: Yes, but it slows down the processing of the order since, as you now, the attorney’s have to look over and inspect every SGS for the lot they have reserved for that buyer. So it is after the first A2A and it adds about a week of delay. If your buyer can stay patient then it works.

If this listing isn’t sold, then it can be reserved for your client with a LOI/LOA/ICPO. Before spending time and money with an attorney to craft those documents, please verify the listing hasn’t already sold by emailing

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