Masks 1860 1B to 500B Pricing

1860 Masks

Below is typical ‘up to” pricing which means it might go lower if you are using a Cage Code. The prices are correct for BCL or cash buyers.

3M 1860 masks

  • 1B $1.60 + 10%
  • 5B $1.55 + 10%
  • 10B $1.40 + 10%
  • 20B $1.30 + 10%
  • 50B $1.20 +10%
  • 100B $1.10 + 10%
  • 500B $1.00 + 10%

This is through a US distributor. They vet documents and buyers before giving the documents to closing attorney. Only legitimate documents and vetted buyers.

Note: Price may be lower if the buyer has cage code.

If this listing isn’t sold, then it can be reserved for your client with a LOI/LOA/ICPO. Before spending time and money with an attorney to craft those documents, please verify the listing hasn’t already sold by emailing

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