Masks 1860 226K $2.80 plus 10%

1860 Masks

*Buy side is COMPLETELY OPEN.*
My contact is direct to seller. There are two seller partners, T&S. T works at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and her partner S is a retired U.S. Army colonel and a practicing physician. They both have high government security clearances. They will not risk losing their licenses or risking their reputations over fake deals.

*226k 3M 1860* remaining from a larger lot.
$2.80 + 10% ($0.28) commissions = $3.08.
*Free delivery* within the continental USA.
*No POF* — PO only for POL & SGS.
*SGS from after Christmas.*
+ optional 200k weekly to buyer’s warehouse, free delivery.

Simplified SOP: PO, POL & SGS – 3M lot # given, Payment via wire, Ship.

Their warehouses are in NJ, PA. They do not allow in-person inspections. Inspections will be by zoom call only.

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