Masks 1860 10B MOQ up to 200B $1.20 plus 10%

1860 Masks

1860 MASKS
BCL/MT Only. No Cages.
Increments of 10B
Up to 200B
I am Direct To Mandate
Buyer transacts with Title Holder

$1.20+10% (regardless of the order)
50/50 Split
Buyer Mandate 33.33% and 10% BI open.
BI Starts with your team.
6.67% Closed.
Buyer to Seller Mandate Phone Call after NCNDA (#1).

Buyer will submit BCL/MT directly to Seller attorney.
Seller provides Templates for LOI, ICPO.
Due Diligence
A2A – SGS provided

Nothing to submit. Send Buyer and Buyer mandate name and email.
Then Mandate call with Buyer and his mandate.
Then FINAL NCNDA 2 (Final).
Buyer needs to POF upfront with attorney of seller.
3% MPB is also offered.
Read the SOP.
BM 33.33% and BI10% Open. BI, starting from you. I am already covered.

They group buyers and take down 1T at a time. Title holder holds $100B bond against 3M.
Stock are in 3M Bonded warehouses, privately owned. TH, will do their own DD. 3M is only involved in knowing who is buying the product, and that the buyer is not on any specific naughty list.
Seller Code BXJ

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