Masks 1860 500M-1B $1.32 all in

1860 Masks

Help your local hospital or VA make a small purchase to get them qualified and connected for all their PPE purchasing through this supplier.

3M 1860 Masks, Cranberry & Cardinal Nitrile Gloves

An order of 500M must be bumped to 1B at the time the paper is submitted to the seller. Meaning, I can fill a 500M, but I have to bundle it to the seller as a total of 1B. So if you submit to me a 500M I might have to hold it for a day and wait for another 500M order before I submit it.

Masks (3M 1860)

  • 500M-1B $1.32 all in

SOP for 1860 Masks 500M to 1B

  • Seller or seller mandate attorney does proof of funds (BCL/MT199/MT799/BANK ESCROW statement only)
  • Seller prepares all relevant templates (LOI, LOA, ICPO, IMPFA, NCNDA, ETC) to provide to all buyers and all parties to fill and sign
  • After proof of funds successful attorney provides POF report to seller, seller provides FCO or LOA to buyer.
  • Spa and joint escrow agreement
  • Seller attorney sends 100% SGS or SGS+LOT certifications or lot certification only in 24 hours from joint escrow being established
  • Buyer verifies by SGS Global centre email
  • Buyer transfers 100% of transaction escrow funds to seller’s attorney IOLTA account
  • Seller submits AWB, and a total of 8-9 documents to buyer
  • Buyer releases 100% of final payment or dispatches release payment and releases all party’s commissions
  • Transaction closed / SGS & lots verified

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