Masks 1860 100B $1.27 plus 10% (1T .88 plus 10%)

1860 Masks

Performance Medical: We are seller of these lots. I am the seller mandate. 50/50 with 100% buy side open. MT199 only

3M 1860 Respirators

  • 100B $1.27 +10% (75% OTG)
  • 1T $0.88 + 10% (30% to 50% OTG)
  • 3T $0.88 + 10% (30% to 50% OTG)


  1. Letter of Intent with Exit (Final) Buyer or Completed Proxy Buyer LOI; ** Paperwork will be written to the name of seller company (after NCNDA)
  2. ICPO from Exit (Final) Buyer or Completed Proxy Buyer ICPO
  3. Completed IMFPA, including all brokers, agents, and intermediaries.
  4. NCNDA/Non-Compete executed between the parties.
  5. MT-199 from Exit Buyer to Seller
  6. Negotiated S.P.A. and Escrow Agreement between Seller and Exit Buyer.
  7. Redacted SGS upon Receipt of MT-199 within 72 hours (but usually within 24).
  8. Buyer funds escrow, receives Full SGS.
  9. Buyer provides Sales tax reseller certificate.
  10. Buyer able to inspect, if they want to.
  11. Post-Closing Warehousing and logistics negotiated.
  12. Funds released from Escrow and title transferred.


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