Masks 1860 11B, 15B & 30B ($1.35 plus 10%)

1860 Masks

3 lots of 1860 of sizes: 11 B, 15 B each priced @$1.35+10% and 30 B at $1.30+10%. Lots have been blocked but buyer didn’t perform.

I am the seller mandate and we are looking for a buyer who can provide POF as MT199.
Within 24 hours after verification of the funds, buyer will receive SGS/ Lot number.

Kindly let me know if you want to proceed with that.

Thank you very much”

This message is from a few days ago and we had a buyer which we were working with but unfortunately failed to proof up about an hour ago.

We can still WIN those lots!

I’m direct to seller’s mandate and to the seller

👍We are ready to go👍

I start Buyer’s intermediaries with 16.67%
And the mandate is open with buyer’s mandate is open with 33.33%

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