Masks 1860 1B – 49B $1.50 all in 50B and above $1.30 all in

1860 Masks

1b – 50b = $1.50 all in
50b above = $1.30 all in

Standard Operating Procedure
1) ICPO / LOI / LOA / Authority Letter / NCNDA
2) Due Diligence
3) Compliance call or email to Buyer Attorney
5) Bank details from our attorneys account will be sent to allow the buyer ability to proof their funds with an MT199. Seller’s LOA can be provided upon request.
6) Once funds are verified then there will be the official A2A.
7) Lot Number and SGS number are provided to cross reference for PoL
8) IMFPA Prepared by Attorneys: All brokers will need to provide their banking info at this stage. Attorney completes the IMFPA
9) Seller Signs completed IMFPA
10) SPA and EA prepared and signed
11) Escrow Funded
12) Product Title transferred to Buyer
13) Seller and all brokers paid

Full buy side open
16.667 is open.
100% OTG – masks are way easier to deliver in large quantities

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