Masks 1860 1B-150B – $1.65-$1.20 + 10%

1860s direct to seller’s mandate + we can do a zoom call with buyer and the seller himself if needed!! FAST/REAL/RELIABLE channel!!

Price list:

1B-5B $1.65+10%
6B-10 B $1.45+10%
11B-25 B $1.38+10%
26B-50B $1.30+10%
51B-150 B $ 1.20+10%


  • LOI, ICPO, Buyer’s Attorney LOA, DD form
  • LOA must contain “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct” and duly dated and executed.
  • POF


  • Bank to Bank verification MT199/799 (BCL on request)
  • Full details of the Buyer and the Buyer’s banking coordinates must be provided to our attorney before any transfer is made to the Seller’s bank, otherwise, it may be rejected by the bank as we are unable to identify our payor to them.
  • For US-based orders, funds must be Stateside and transactional
  • SWIFT must reference the transaction code provided by Seller

SGS within 24-72 hours after receipt of SWIFT MT199/799 or BCL, as there will be verification/DD by three levels of attorneys.


  • SPA/Escrow agreement, IMFPA
  • Escrow funding
  • Payment

Seller will put $1 million into a third-party escrow account to guarantee that they are serious and will and will ask the same of the buyer If buyer does not perform or the seller no non-performing party keeps the Million

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