Masks 3M 1860 100M 100% OTG Mainland Dubai ($41.38 per box of 20)

100 million boxes 1860 MASKS
Location : Mainland Dubai


Origin : USA
Price: AED152 (including delivery to buyer) per box
Comms : AED0.80 starting from my group down



1. Meet at Sellers office
2. Buyer shows online POF
3. Seller shows original SGS, BOL, 3M invoice, 3M Seller Certificate, Custom cleared docs
4. IMFPA & SPA (with 2% penalty clause) signed both parties
5. Immediate Warehouse visit for inspection of goods
6. Successful verification – Buyer pays full amount via TT
7. Title transfer to buyer
8. Seller delivers 5 million boxes to address as specified in the SPA agreement.

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