3M masks – 2.6B – $1.80

Seller: 3M Global Distributor
Quantity: 2.6B masks – CIF to HK🇭🇰
Price: $1.80 + 10% comms

50% Sell side – CLOSED
8.33% Facilitation- CLOSED
41.67% Buy side – OPEN

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. NCNDA signed.
  2. Submit LOI*, LOA, ICPO, KYC (using templates provided)
  3. Draft SPA issued after successful DD, AML, KYC vetting.
  4. BCL or MT199 provided to prove funds.
  5. IMFPA
  6. Sign final SPA and open LC.
  7. 3M portal login details provided to track order progress on the 3M website.
  8. Payment to be released from LC upon:
  • Airway Bill
  • SGS report
  • 3M factory certificate of origin
  • CE & NIOSH certification
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Insurance documents
  • 3M lot and analysis certification

*LOI should specify the following:

  1. Country of origin must be EU/USA
  2. Blend of air and sea delivery required
  3. First delivery to start within 2 weeks of opening LC and with full delivery in 52 weeks

(ref: Vlad)

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