Masks 1860 500M to 500B

500B $0.97
100B $1.1+10%
50B $1.20+10%
5B | 10B $1.33+10%
1B | x10 $1.45+10%
500M $1.55+10%
Commission 42% total open for buyer side


1. Buyer, Seller/Seller and Facilitators sign NCNDA
2. Buyer issues ICPO and relevant KYC,AML re company to Seller.
3. Seller issues FCO/LOA. ( must be end buyer or end buyer should be recognized in order to receive FCO from the title holder or TH attorney )
4. Buyer counter sign FCO.
5. We accept the following POF formats in order to proof up:
a. BCL + authorization to verify (ATV) with Buyer bank and banker.
b. MT199,MT799, MT103, MT760
5. Seller provides SGS Certification, Inspection report and Lot & Batch codes for validation.
7. Buyer accepts and approves the POP documents as provided and verified.
8. SPA agreement is drafted and signature outlining the full transaction.
9. Attorney to Attorney is done to conclude the deal.
10. Buyer pays 100% of Pro Forma value to Seller/Mutual Trust/ Mutual escrow Account/Escrow Agent, within 24 hours and copies Seller copy of EFT or T/T made.
11. Buyer Associate or representative to conduct physical inspection.
12. Title transfer & Escrow release.
13. Goods are to be shipped from the supplier warehouse in accordance with the Delivery schedule or transfer of lease.

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