3 Ply Supply

The products we had listed are all papered up so we removed them as it was causing too much chaos from frustrated buyers and we listed new stock which is real and ready to buy

BLACK 3ply level 1 masks

200k boxes (50pc/box)
OTG Seattle, WA

$2.00 per box (Buyer needs to add commissions)

Production: Up to 35M boxes available every month.

BLUE 3ply level 1 masks

240k boxes (50 pcs/box) available now OTG
OTG Vancouver, Canada


Up to 35M masks available every month. (700k Boxes)

Up to 25,000 boxes available per day everyday.

$1.50 per box (Buyer needs to add commissions)

All product made in Canada , FDA & CE certification


  • ICPO
  • Live video verification
  • 50% deposit after product verification.
  • SPA
  • physical inspection
  • Pay balance, 50%
  • product released

MOQ: 1 Truckload
26 pallets per truckload

We are in a direct partnership with the manufacturer.

Patriot Health starts the buy side commission.

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