3 Ply Supply

BLACK 3ply level 1 masks

200k boxes (50pc/box)
OTG Seattle, WA

$2.00 per box (Buyer needs to add commissions)

Production: Up to 35M boxes available every month.

BLUE 3ply level 1 masks

240k boxes (50 pcs/box) available now OTG
OTG Vancouver, Canada


Up to 35M masks available every month. (700k Boxes)

Up to 25,000 boxes available per day everyday.

$1.50 per box (Buyer needs to add commissions)

All product made in Canada , FDA & CE certification


  • ICPO
  • Live video verification
  • 50% deposit after product verification.
  • SPA
  • physical inspection
  • Pay balance, 50%
  • product released

MOQ: 1 Truckload
26 pallets per truckload

We are in a direct partnership with the manufacturer.

Patriot Health starts the buy side commission.

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