3 Ply Blue 200M@$2.10 & Black 100M@$2.30 plus your added commission Level 1; 100% OTG in LA/Miami

3 Ply Blue/Black Masks Level 1

  • 200 million $2.10 Blue
  • 100 million $2.30 Black

OTG in LA & Miami
Can schedule inspection on Monday
50 count boxes
Possible rolls and extensions up to 50M


  1. LOI, ICPO
  2. Soft POF
  3. Inspect and pay


If you are adding $0.10 to the price, the seller will agree to that, but he is not paying any additional commissions from his sell price.

Patriot Health LLC starts the buyside. We need a box and then create a box for yourself and any other group of brokers between you and the buyer. We prefer to see three and no more than four groups divided into the commission.

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